A Day in July
Release September 23, 2017
1.   It's Raining (Earle and Coffin) 
2.  Who Were You With Last Night (Earle and Coffin)
3You've Done Nothing (Earle and Coffin)
4.  Dead Eye Woman (Earle and Coffin)
5.  Hopeless Situation (Earle and Coffin)
6.  Memories
A Live Acoustic Session
Wood Wire Blood & Bone
Release February 3, 2017
1.   Someday (Earle and Coffin) 
2.  Born Under A Bad Sign (William Bell & Booker T. Jones)
3.  Who Were You With Last Night (Earle and Coffin)
4.  Hypnotizing (Earle and Coffin)
5.  Prison Walls (Earle and Coffin)
6.  It's Raining (Earle and Coffin)
7.  Kind Hearted Woman (Robert Johnson)
8.  Help Me (Earle and Coffin)
9.  Sixteen Tons (Merle Travis)
10. You've Done Nothing (Earle and Coffin)
Wood Wire Blood and Bone Album Review - Blind Lemon Blues
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Nick Earle & Joe Coffin
Live at Citadel House
Released April 4, 2016
1.   Bernie's Tune  
2.  Key to the Highway
3.  Oreo-Cookie Blues
4.  Can't Use it No More
5.  Come on Mama
6.  Ramblin' on My Mind
7.  Can't be Satisfied
8.  Eagle Ridin' Papa
9.  When Things Go Wrong
10. 3 O'Clock Blues

Here is a rendition of an old "folk"/ragtime tune that has been passed down from many generations, "Come on Mama". Not even sure who originally wrote this tune but it’s by far one of Nick and Joe's favorites!

"I Choose the Blues" was co-written by local blues guru Chris Kirby, this song was written as part of the two song demo that Nick and Joe won during the Statoil Newfound Talent Contest. It’s a bit of a twist on the traditional blues sound but it gave them an excellent opportunity to work with Dipole Productions and Groove Den Studios.

Nick and Joe recorded this Elmore James classic live at Citadel House in Lewisporte, NL in August 2015. "Dust My Broom" has become one of the greatest blues standards recorded with numerous renditions by a wide variety of musicians. In this version Nick is rockin the bass guitar and Joseph is on the Gretsch. Keep an eye out for their soon to be released live album from that concert at Citadel House!

No performance is complete without Robert Johnson’s "Ramblin on My Mind" included in the lineup. This song was recorded at Citadel House in Lewisporte, NL in August 2015 and features Nick’s awesome vocals. Hard to believe he had just started singing when they recorded this song! 

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